What to do when the writing won't flow

Have you ever sat down to write something and frozen at the keys, stumped as to where to start? If so, you are not alone. Whatever the reason you are writing, writer's block is real and a bit of a nightmare. It can really stop you in your tracks, whether you are an author writing a book, a student writing your dissertation or a business owner trying to stand out against the competition online. 

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Simple and sustainable content

Are you like me? Do you overthink and over complicate your online content?


When it comes to my social media, I must admit, I can procrastinate, often spending far more time thinking than doing. Until recently, I had lots of neglected social profiles. Not the look I’m going for, especially given what I do.

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Life as a business owner and eco mum

In October 2018, my life changed dramatically with the arrival of baby Isobel, now an inquisitive 19-month-old with a mind of her own. Suffice to say my focus shifted from business building to baby raising, though I am happy to say I managed to keep working throughout. It's actually been a bit of a lifesaver having something other than nursery rhymes to keep my brain active.  


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Moments of madness

Do you ever agree to something without letting yourself think too much about it and then wonder why later? My whole business is essentially built on me doing this, my moments of madness!

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When science meets copywriting

Writing for such a variety of businesses, one of the most common questions people ask me is how do I write about an industry I am not specialised in? The answer? Science. If you don’t know already, my background is in science, not English – I am an ex-marine biologist with a passion for research, writing and, well, dolphins!

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Time to work on my business…

Mindset. It’s all about mindset. Think positive, believe you can and you will, but think negative, believe you can’t and you won’t. But, does the same work for business? Think like a business person and create a successful business, but don’t and you won’t? Perhaps. I think so.

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Four things I have learnt in the first three months of being a freelancer…

Every business has to start somewhere, and it just so happens that mine started just over three months ago, in November 2016. My business is built on skills I have honed over years working in industry, so I have the writing bit covered. However, running a business is new, being my own boss is new, and being in control of my life and time is new, and a steep learning curve. How should I market myself? What should I charge? These are all questions that I am learning the answers to. Every day is a school day, but you can learn a lot in three months, so here are a few things I have picked up.

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Building a social network

Websites, blogs, letters, emails, phone calls, social media – just some of the ways of marketing a new business, of getting your name out there, of showcasing your skills and persuading people that you are the person they want to hire. The one I haven’t mentioned yet, and the one that I am trying to get my head around currently is face-to-face networking.

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Split infinitives - should we or shouldn't we?

To boldly go or ‛to go boldly? Should we or shouldn’t we split infinitives, does it really matter?

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Welcome to my blog


Welcome to my website and more specifically to my new blog.


So, what can you expect? I’m not even sure I know the answer to that just yet, but it is here that I plan to share my experiences of life as a Proofreader and Copy editor. News, events, hints and tips and, of course, the odd grammar rant!


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