When science meets copywriting

Writing for such a variety of businesses, one of the most common questions people ask me is how do I write about an industry I am not specialised in? The answer? Science. If you don’t know already, my background is in science, not English – I am an ex-marine biologist with a passion for research, writing and, well, dolphins!

It may seem strange and a big career jump, but it isn’t as big as you may think. Writing is a huge part of science generally, but for me, it was the bulk of my previous role. When I wasn’t offshore looking or listening for marine mammals, I was sitting in front of my computer writing scientific papers, our book and other various types of content – reports, websites, social media, all sorts. But, the thing about scientific writing is that it is Written Precisely, well researched and backed-up with evidence – Google is my friend.



Once you know how and where to look for information and understand that the internet is full of nonsense, you can write factually about a whole variety of topics, and that is what I love to do. In fact, I consider to be one of the best things about my job now – every day is a school day and a chance to learn something new. So, what are you writing about today?

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