Personal documents

Whether you are applying for jobs, writing a blog, or making your wedding invitations, Proofreading and Copy editing can help make your writing stand out. See below for the services I provide.

CV and job applications

Feedback about Written Precisely's CV writing service

With so much competition for jobs it is important that your CV, cover letter, and job application stand out. Give yourself the best chance and show you have attention to detail by getting your documents edited to ensure your;

  • writing is clear and concise;
  • grammar, spelling, and punctuation are correct;
  • writing is free of mistakes and typos;
  • writing is structured logically and that relevant experience is emphasised; and
  • CV and application is well formatted and looks professional.

 Want to know more about how I can help? Contact Me to discuss the editing services I offer or to arrange your CV review.

Social media editing

Social media is everywhere but maintaining a professional appearance on accounts such as LinkedIn can be important when job hunting. Ensure your profiles are up to date and that they give the impression you want them to give.


Contact Me to see how I can help with your social media accounts and blogs.

Personal communications

  • Sending emails?
  • Planning an event?
  • Writing your wedding invitations?

Worried about grammar or that your writing doesn’t flow? Proofreading or Copy editing can help. Contact Me to see how.

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